Security Automation


A scalable, cloud-based platform for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing SIEM/XDR. Using automation and MITRE ATT&CK, the CardinalOps platform continuously assesses your detection posture and eliminates coverage gaps in your SIEM/XDR – so you can easily implement a threat-informed defense. 


The Cribl suite of products puts you back in control of your data, giving you the power to choose what is best for your organization, the control to get the data where you want, and the flexibility to put it in any format you need on the fly. 


Noetic improves vulnerability management capabilities by providing a consistent view of your continually changing security environment, empowering teams to make decisions based on complete, real-time insight. 


Anvilogic is a Detection Engineering and Hunting Platform for SOC teams to implement more accurate detections in a few clicks and hunt more efficiently across all logging platforms, data lakes and security tools. 


Tines’ no-code automation helps the world’s best companies transform complex security workflows to their advantage. Their intuitive platform brings together business critical processes across internal and external systems.