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Across industries, organizations are focused on transforming to a digital-first approach and the speed of IT modernization has been unprecedented. Cloud migrations, centralized data warehousing and ubiquitous connectivity have increased the attack surface in ways most organizations couldn’t predict. And responding to new threats has become increasingly complex.

Todays’ threat actors have vast resources at their fingertips and leverage complexity as an advantage. Threats can come from anywhere — inside the organization as well as outside.

This massive acceleration of innovation coupled with sophisticated cyber criminals has outpaced most organizations’ ability to cope with threats and also understand the avalanche of new cyber security tools that are flooding the market.

Meanwhile, organizations have a limited pool of qualified professionals to meet the challenge. Today’s cyber security practitioners are struggling to meet existing operational requirements. Modernizi ng the security stack often takes a back seat.


Cyber security is not a compliance framework or an audit negotiation. It’s a continuous life cycle that requires constant diligence and attention to stay abreast of the threat environment.

The tech industry has responded with advances in tools and processes that help level the playing field for organizations. When implemented correctly, the right tools can be a force multiplier for over-worked and under-staffed cyber security professionals.

In this new environment, organizations can’t keep pace on their own. Organizations that are modernizing their IT stack need specialized partners to help them sift through the security options and apply new tools and techniques. A trusted cyber security partner can also help keep organizations current with the constant evolution of the threat landscape and help navigate an unruly cyber security marketplace.

The sheer number of security vendors — 1,400 and growing — and the pace of innovation in cybersecurity has made it difficult for organizations to keep up. Internally, the time and expertise required to research and vet new vendors, solutions and technologies simply isn’t available.

"EverSec helps us with initial vetting and provides thought leadership on technologies that are new to us.“
- CISO, Leading Global Hospitality Group


Consulting services: EverSec consulting services are designed to help keep pace with constant change and increasing complexity.We start by working with organizations to maximize their current investments. Then, we help clients identify new opportunities and improvements to move them up the maturity ladder, and help them select, deploy and operationalize the best solutions.

Life cycle approach: To deal with an evolving threat landscape, EverSec develops strategic, long-term relationships to provide ongoing counsel on how to climb the maturity ladder and stay ahead of evolving threats and changing business priorities.

Strategic vendor management: Emerging security vendors are working on compelling solutions that can help address areas being overlooked by traditional, established vendors. We help organizations vet new companies and solutions so you don’t have to. And when you need deep technical expertise, we make it easy for you to partner with our vendors.


In a world where threats and solutions are constantly evolving, organizations need to collaborate with a partner that has deep experience matching modern solutions to meet specific business and technical priorities.

Since 2008, EverSec has supported the world’s most targeted industries to help them keep pace with the cyber security landscape. Throughout these years, our clients have relied on EverSec as an extension of their teams and come to us with confidence that we can successfully address their needs.


EverSec has ongoing relationships with more than 100 clients — organizations that are familiar with being rich targets in highly regulated industries with strict compliance requirements. Our clients look to us as their trusted security advisor and know they can come to us with any kind of requirement, with confidence that we’ll match the right resources to successfully accomplish their goals.

While we support corporations of all sizes and across nearly every industry vertical, we specialize on assisting Global Fortune 500 companies, including the world’s largest banks, hospitality chains, global exchanges, insurance companies, and financial services providers.

"The EverSec team operates as an extension of my team. We couldn’t accomplish all that we do without them and they are critical to our success.“
— Chief Information Security Officer, Renowned Private Equity Firm

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