SaaS Security


AppOmni delivers visibility, data access management, and security controls to protect data across SaaS applications. In-depth coverage provides insights, and continuous monitoring while giving security teams insight into user provisioning, configurations, 3rd party apps, and user access. Actionable insights keeps up on new security and vendor updates and focuses on the needs to keep your SaaS data secure and increased automation eliminates unnecessary tasks from your workload.


Obsidian normalizes and analyzes the data using machine learning and expert analysis to detect account compromise, insider threats, access misuse, data leaks, excessive privileges and weak posture.

Adaptive Shield

Adaptive Shield enables enterprises to continue adopting SaaS applications while staying safe. Adaptive Shield enables security teams to protect, detect, and respond to threats throughout their entire SaaS stack.


DoControl provides a unified, automated and risk-aware SaaS Security Platform (SSP) that secures business-critical applications and data. By partnering with DoControl, you can reduce risk, prevent data breaches, and mitigate insider threats without slowing down business enablement.

Savvy Security

Savvy enables CISOs and security pros to support the safe adoption and use of business SaaS apps, by providing just-in-time security guardrails that enable users to make better decisions and automate security workflows that orchestrate the response to various events.