LightCyber lands $20 million Series B...



Every network is under siege these days as attackers search for a way in. The industry lingo calls them attack vectors, but that just means a hacker finds a weak link in the network and exploits it. Once they’re in they begin to do damage, but in doing so, they behave in ways that might be out of the ordinary coming from that particular machine.

LightCyber, one of the many cyber security companies emerging from Israel these days wants to stop those attacks by understanding “normal” network behavior while scanning for sets of anomalies that could signal an attack, says LightCyber CEO Gonen Fink.

This approach doesn’t try to simply keep bad actors out, which we’ve learned the hard way is pretty much impossible to do. Instead, it assumes that they will get in and when they do, you need to find them as quickly as possible. LightCyber’s behavioral analysis purports to do just that.

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