Insider Threat/UBA


Corelight provides real-time insights into network traffic that helps organizations identify and respond to advanced threats. Their platform offers protocol analysis and threat intelligence integration that enhances incident response and boosts cybersecurity strategies.


DTEX offers the first and only Workforce Cyber Intelligence Platform, that captures elements of typical employee behavior to create “Indicators of Intent” and delivers real-time awareness of your workforce’s activities without invading personal privacy. DTEX allows users to see, understand and act to stop insider threats, prevent data loss and protect your workforce.


Built for the cloud-first, hybrid-work world, Cyberhaven protects important data from theft, misuse, and exposure, across different exfiltration vectors, by finding and following your sensitive data anywhere it goes. Cyberhaven uses Cloud API connectors to gain visibility into content that’s created and shared natively in the cloud using a lightweight endpoint agent, so devices don’t slow down or crash.


Island is the developer of the Enterprise Browser – the ideal enterprise workplace, where work flows freely while remaining secure. The core needs of the enterprise are embedded in the browser itself, and gives organizations complete control, visibility, and governance, while delivering the same Chromium-based browser experience users expect.


TrueFort specializes in application and workload protection and focuses on real-time application behavior analysis while helping organizations identify and respond to security threats. Combining advanced threat detection, analytics, and automation, TrueFort provides visibility into application activities and allows businesses to strengthen their security posture and quickly mitigate risks.


One cloud-native platform featuring five products, Exabeam Fusion is cloud-native security log management with powerful behavioral analytics to give a seamless automated investigation experience that reduces routines and response time and ensures consistent results.


Zscaler believes that no user, workload or device is by default, trustworthy. The platform verifies identity and context by looking at information like role, responsibility location, and then determines which action to take, allow or block. This allows users to confidently secure a connection to an application over any network, from anywhere.