Cyber Resiliency


Rubrik provides organizations with solutions for data backup, recovery, and archiving, both on-prem and in the cloud. They allow you to streamline operations and meet compliance requirements through automation, policy-driven controls, and advanced analytics.


Semperis specializes in identity-driven solutions for Active Directory (AD) and hybrid identity protection, and helps companies mitigate cyber threats related to identity compromise. Their platform offers tools for AD recovery, backup and security and automates AD management and recovery processes.


UpGuard specializes in managing and mitigating third-party and vendor risk, and helps you identify and monitor potential vulnerabilities within your supply chain. With continuous monitoring and risk assessments UpGuard allows you to proactively protect your data and ensures security and compliance of your third-party partners.


Darkweb IQ protects companies from cybercrime and disrupts the criminals who target them by infiltrating criminal supply chains and buying network access of their customers before ransomware gangs can.

XM Cyber

XM Cyber uncovers your hidden attack paths across you cloud and on-prem networks, pinpointing the issues that put your organization at risk so you can cut off those attack paths and proactively reduce your attack surface.


CultureAI's Human Risk Management Platform seamlessly integrates with the modern tech stack to provide a comprehensive view of an organization's most prominent human risks in a single dashboard. With insights into over 40 security behaviors across various collaboration tools, organizations can identify and mitigate risky behaviors such as clicking on phishing emails, password reuse, and unauthorized software usage. The platform also enables targeted coaching, automated interventions, and security nudges to address observed risks promptly and effectively.