Attack Surface Management (Vuln Mgmt 2.0)


CyCognito’s platform helps reduce your business’ overall risk by letting you look from the attacker’s perspective. They provide insight into any weak points allowing companies to be proactive in defending themselves from emerging risks by addressing these vulnerabilities before a threat actor can take advantage.


Cymulate is trusted to gain insight into a company’s security posture. Cymulate assesses cyber-risk by simulating attacks across any vector, evaluating, and seeing where a company could be exposed, and then recommends any fixes for potential security gaps which helps rationalize a company’s security spend.


Randori handles both Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming. They identify and map your external attack surface, discover targets that attackers will see, and prioritize them by giving vulnerability assessments. Randori also constantly monitors your attack surface to provide real-time assessments of external risk.


Pentera includes network, application, and endpoint testing, giving a true evaluation of an organization's security posture. They allow businesses to prioritize and address vulnerabilities, and enhance their overall cybersecurity resilience with detailed reports. With Pentera, organizations can reduce the risk of breaches, maintain compliance with industry regulations, and protect their valuable assets and data from threats.


Vulcan connects to your existing security tools, consolidates all your applications, cloud and traditional vulnerabilities in one unified platform, and adds context to your scan data with remediation intelligence providing the exact patch, config script, workaround, or solution you need. Their automation also allows your risk mitigation workflow to be streamlined which means lower time to resolution.