App/API Security


Cequence is the only API protection solution that eliminates unknown API security risks across all phases of the API security lifecycle. With their API Protection solution, you can feel confident in securing and defending your critical API applications from data loss, fraud and disruption.


Salt delivers adaptive intelligence to protect your APIs across its build, deploy, and runtime phases, and offers API protection by continuously monitoring and analyzing API traffic to detect and mitigate security risks and anomalies. This allows organizations to secure their APIs with confidence by stopping attackers during the early stages of an attempted attack and share insights to improve their API security posture.


Noname Security is known for its innovative API security solutions and specializes in discovering and protecting APIs and ensuring the security of communications between applications. They offer deep API visibility, risk assessment and threat detection, which help companies proactively safeguard against API-related vulnerabilities and attacks.


Illustria proactively detects and stops malicious packages, maintainers, and behaviors while using open-source packages. Their agentless watchdog offers coverage throughout your company’s software development lifecycle and keeps your applications secure at every stage of their lifecycle.


Bionic uses an agentless approach that auto discovers every service, API call and data flow, across both your traditional and cloud native applications, and provides visibility into any service. It also provides you with continuous coverage and reduces your critical application risk by eliminating noise and telling you the top business risks that can be exploited in your application.


Gomboc uses AI to continuously remediate your cloud infrastructure vulnerabilities. After setting policies based on your security and compliance decisions, Gomboc automatically sends remediation requests for you to review and approve, saving you, and your team, from the busywork.