Data Security Posture Management


Concentric is an agentless API-based solution that uses machine-learning technology to discover, categorize and remediate data quickly and autonomously. Concentric allows organizations to identify and protect their most critical information, while meeting compliance and data protection regulations, and effectively minimizing their risk of data breaches, all without rules or end-user involvement.


SecuPi allows companies to protect their data by monitoring and controlling access, usage and movement of that data. They data masking, activity monitoring and user behavior analytics to stop malicious activity, all while providing visibility that aligns with current privacy regulations and helps comply with future ones. SecuPi does this all without source-code changes or database agents, and with a fast and cost-efficient implementation.


Island is the developer of an Enterprise Browser, built on Chromium, that gives you control over how it behaves, provides visibility to everything happening in the browser, and keeps your work secure. The Island Browser is designed for your enterprise and allows complete governance, visibility, and productivity so security simply exists, rather than disrupts.


Imperva stops threat actors before entering your network and protects customer data and all paths to it. Imperva applies analytics and automation to stop attacks and zero-day exploits. Their technology combines machine learning, behavior analytics and threat intelligence to create their proactive security approach, and they have multiple products, from Application Performance and Security to Data Security and Network Security.

Polar Security

Polar finds and eliminates publicly exposed data, stop data leaks between your cloud and SaaS apps and reduce 3rd party exposure to sensitive data. They also offer Data Security Posture Management to protect your cloud and meet compliance while enforcing data access policies to maintain a strong security posture.

Laminar Security

Laminar uses emerging technologies, such as AI, machine learning and behavioral analytics to detect threats in real-time, and provides data security for the cloud, while reducing risk with security that proactively uncovers cloud data, and classifies it based on sensitivity. Laminar also identifies any data policy violations and provides remediation recommendations.

Eureka Security

Eureka helps maintain control and visibility over cloud data stores as they’re created or modified. It connects to your cloud accounts using API’s, classifies the identified data while learning who or what can access potentially sensitive data stores. It then allows insight into your current data security posture and alerts you of violations, suggests improvements, and flags abnormal security behaviors it observes. The platform also easily integrates into your existing systems to help manage your workflow.